#0 - Why to be untethered...

Untethered summaries the best Crypto podcast episodes, condensed into bite-size insights to keep you informed shorter than Bitcoin confirmation time

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I'm Kevin Liu. I'm the curator of the Untethered email newsletter.

Untethered summaries the best Crypto Podcast Episodes one at a time, condensed into bite-size insights. Jam packed with knowledge to keep you informed shorter than Bitcoin confirmation time.

Just like one of your guys, I'm still on my way down the Crypto rabbit hole. I know you are a learning machine, and doing your own research (DYOR) all the time. However, there are just too much information out there.

"Information overload is a symptom of our desire to not focus on what's important."

I noticed that the latest deep thoughts, musings and insights are always in podcasts, shows, interviews and conversations. It is particularly true in Crypto space and I wanted to capture them, document them, summarize them and review them for my own reflections.

I made Untethered because it is what I wanted, and if I don’t do this, I would have never gotten what I wanted. Untethered resonates with the Crypto and Token economy the most - unprecedented, not tied or limited to any conventional beliefs and restrictions.

It is designed to optimize adding value for the community, if you have not learned something new by reading untethered.email, please let me know.


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